Windows Server 2012

It is important to emphasize that SD WAN works as a virtual network that is above the pure network connection level and can be programmed using SDN and other network technologies and there are services as Fortinet that offer these types of networks to the public.

SSD Cache

The host controller can also utilize the SSD cache to speed up access to large blocks of data. When a large data block needs to be accessed, the controller can access the SSD cache from a local queue, not directly from the network, with significantly reduced latency.

Full Page Sync

Windows Server 2012 also includes a synchronous page cache, meaning that data is streamed to and from the SSD controller directly, without the need to pull from a filesystem and therefore improving performance for two reasons:

1. Reduced I/O in the host

2. Less device contention


Windows Server 2012 provides two very unique features that can be found in many Linux distributions:

If you use more than one server host in your organisation, you will need to take the above features into account, which is a great and excellent addition to the mix. There is something for everyone in this release of Windows Server 2012, and no wonder the operating system has established itself as a preferred Linux distribution for Microsoft.

The Windows Server 2012 Operating System is available for download from Microsoft’s Windows Server download page.