Testing for Licensure

Cherokee Capital Amateur Radio Society offers testing sessions at field day, hamfest, and prior to our monthly club meetings (the third Monday of the month).

Please contact CCARS club president, Felton Floyd, at AF4DN@arrl.net in advance, to arrange testing time. We don’t allow walk-ins, testing must be scheduled in order to ensure examiner and material requirements are met.

When you come for testing, please bring: your ID, $15 testing fee, and your current license or CSCE (unless testing for Tech license)

If testing for your first license (Technician),  please note the following:


On December 20, 2018, the FCC held an online presentation which discussed the upcoming Commission Registration System (CORES) changes, and its effect on new radio operator applicants. To briefly touch on the information presented, in the near future the CORES system will be enhanced to require new FCC Registrants to establish an FCC account containing an FCC Username (a valid e-mail address), which will be linked to their FRN.  FCC customers can link multiple FRN’s to a single Username.
The FCC Electronic Batch File (EBF) auto-registration process cannot create an FCC account linking an FRN to a Username. We are therefore encouraging that applicants obtain their FRN before submitting their application to the testing VE group
To prepare for the changes in registration systems, we would like to encourage VEs to begin reaching out to applicants about the upcoming changes, as well as the preparations they will need to make before or after taking the exam. These preparations include the creation of an FCC user profile and FRN.