K4WTD Repeater (146.685)

Good News! Just wanted everyone to know that the K4WTD repeater is back on the air!  Thank you and continue to listen for more improvements!  More are planned over the next several months.

Woody – K4WTD

David Anthony, KB4ERK SK

Want to let everyone who may have known him that David Anthony, KB4ERK became a silent key on October 31.  He as well as his mother Edna were past members of the club and we are saddened by this news.
His services will be today from the Thomas Funeral Home at 4 PM.

Hospital Net/ARES

Good morning:
Each year many of those who are operating the Georgia Hospital Net also take their time to attend the Stone Mountain Hamfest at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds on Sugarloaf Parkway in Lawrenceville, GA.  This is a meeting of amateur radio operators and those who are interested in ham radio featuring training on a variety of ham related topics, exhibits of new and used radio equipment, license examination sessions and meetings of various segments of the ham community, including the ARES organization.  This is also the State Convention of the ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) the national association of amateur radio.
Because this is an important meeting of the ham community, we have decided to POSTPONE the Georgia Hospital Net normally held on the first Sunday of the month.  WE WILL RESCHEDULE this net later in the month and hope to include a short drill to provide some additional practice for our Georgia Hospital Net operators.  Ideally, we would hope that all the participating operators will be able to join us in Lawrenceville. We would also like to extend an invitation to our hospital participants to join the ham radio community at this meeting.  The hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 1 and from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 2.  The fee for entry tickets is $8.00 and provides access to all events on both days of the meeting.  Visit the Hamfest site: http://stonemountainhamfest.com
For those members of the hospital community who are not currently licensed amateur radio operator, but would like to learn more about our activities, this is a golden opportunity to view all aspects of ham radio.  We hope you can join us in Lawrenceville.
Thank you for supporting the Georgia Hospital Net.  We will be back to you in a few days with details of the activities for November.
Best regards,
Barry Kanne, W4TGA
Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator – Public Health




The shortcut above is for the RMS Express program.  It uses both RF and the internet.   Take a look.


If you are planning on attending the Hamfest in Lawrenceville this Saturday, drop by the D-STAR Gathering at 1:00pm in the license testing area.  We’ve had this informal get together in past years and it’s a good time to meet some of your fellow D-STAR users, see some new things and hear what’s happening in D-STAR.

Come join us on Saturday at the Lawrenceville Hamfest.


CCARS LC 2014-page-001

How to Use the New Website

I just wanted to give some quick instructions on how to use the features of the new website. This site allows you to keep in touch with the club two different ways. I will go over both in this post.

The first and easiest way is subscribing. This will send you out an email alert every time a post is made. This way, you can be kept up to date on all Club related announcements. It is recommend for everyone in the club complete this step, as it is the easiest way for us to know that everyone has been alerted to important announcements. This is an easy two step process. First, enter your email address into the “Subscribe” box on the left hand side of any page on the website. This will send you an email confirming your subscription. Second, you will need to open up that email and click on the link to verify that you want to subscribe (this is a feature to prevent spam). That’s it! Once you click that link, you will get an email every time a post is made!

Now, if you want to open up the full potential of the site, you will need an account. Having an account will allow you to join in the discussion on the website. You can comment on posts and participate on the main site. It also allows you to post ads in the Swap Meet section of the site. To do this, you will need a username, an email address, and a password. It is recommend that you use your call sign as your username. This will make administration of the site easier.  You can choose how your identity is displayed to the public in your account settings, so you don’t have to be known to the public by your call sign if you don’t wish to.

To make an account, click here.

Once you are there, enter your call sign as your username and your email address. A password will be emailed to you. When you get the email, there will be a link to allow you to log in. After logging in, you will be taken to a page to change your password to something you can remember, enter your name if you want, and code how you will appear to the public in your posts. You can choose your username (call sign) or your first or full name.

Please remember that having an account does not subscribe you to posts and subscribing to posts does not give you an account. You can do either or both, but we ask everyone to at least subscribe.

If anyone has any questions, you can usually find me on the repeater someone around 5-5:30 pm on weekdays. You can also find me on Facebook in the club group.

I hope everyone enjoys the new capabilities of the site!



Weather Update for Tonight and Tuesday

During the Webcast this afternoon, the NWS Peachtree City indicated they expect the next round of potential severe weather to be in our area around 3 – 6 am.  The timing as of now has some uncertainty, so you should watch/listen for updates during the late news cycle.   Winds are expected to be strong enough (20 – 40 mph) to uproot trees.  Rain 1.5 – 2.5 inch may case some flash flooding.  The second round, which may be stronger in some areas, is currently expected to arrive early afternoon.  Isolated tornadoes are a possibility both rounds.  NWS has issued a FLASH FLOOD WATCH IN EFFECT FROM 2 AM EDT TUESDAY THROUGH LATE TUESDAY NIGHT.

A Skywarn Net is likely to be called as the thunder storms move into our area.  So if you get awakened during the night by the wind or thunder, check to see if a net is in progress.

Possible Severe Weather

This is a heads up for the weather that may occur starting early Tuesday morning.  First please prepare yourself personally so that you and your family will be safe.  Then we should have our radio gear charged and ready to go.
 We need to bring up a weather net if we come under severe conditions.  We will link the repeaters for this event.  So please monitor during this time of incoming weather and stay alert to the forecast.
Frequencies:  443.675 + PL 100  K4WOC REPEATER
                       146.685 – PL 167.9 K4WTD REPEATER
                       146.565 SIMPLEX / NO TONE

Thank you!

First and foremost, want to say thank you to N4LCD (Paul) for the many years of hosting and maintaining the K4WOC website.  And a thank you goes out to KM4APK (Jason) for taking over the responsibility of the website and new look.  Please enter your email address here on the site and sign up to receive updates posted here about the club, events, news, testing sessions and much, much more!  Stay tuned, as our website will be updating more over the next few days and weeks.


Woody – k4wtd

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